Thursday, April 19, 2018

do not ...

do not ...
do not go to the edge of the forest
do not look for what you cannot find
do not watch the birds take flight
let your eyes remain fixed on the underbrush
for that is where the true danger lives
do not listen to the wind
so full of so many lies from the passing of time
do not smell the smoke of stale campfires
do not try to rekindle dead sparks into flame
let ash be ash and dust be dust
do not fix beads to your coat
vanity has no place here
do not spread contraband across the trail
that children after you may find
do not look for shape shifters in the corners of your eyes
they are here but they are not here for you
do not consider stars or yellow moon
they will taunt you with hope
do not memorize your dreams
for they are windows to death
do not hide your heart from the bear
for he eats it to survive
do not be grateful for your life
be grateful instead for your death
do not remain
do not step into the future
and most of all
do not do not
do not let go
and do not hold on




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