Monday, October 16, 2017

summer ...

summer ...
summer passes so quickly
leaving behind the long days
of lying on the beach
and watching you
in that white string bikini you wore
as you splashed at the water's edge
and raced the waves to shore
and i guess i was smitten by
the beauty of your reflection
caught in tidal pools
a ripple dancing
in the bright sun
that somehow became a
flawless forever snapshot
even as the uneven rivulets
swirled outwards from
the splash of your feet
you were always my girley girl
the one who found me
in the somewhere of sometime

summer passes so quickly
leaving behind the memories
that drift away
like vapours
across a cloudless sky
and time narrows
as it divides
and divides again
until every moment now
seems but a cruel fleeting apparition
here and then not here
not illusory
but there and then
not there
and as the days shorten
you turn away
and slam the red door
of your anger
to lock me out
and if i call to you
if i shout and plead
that you remember
you simply fall silent
and wander into

summer passes so quickly
leaving the green grass to fade
beneath fallen leaves
that sometimes swirl
above the wisps of grey hair
that peek from beneath
the woolen cap you wear
as you walk
down to the shoreline
so profoundly defining for you
some apocryphal borderline
that heralds your crossing over
as you wait and wait
for tomorrow and tomorrow
to come and go
always waiting expectantly
for an end
and even as i watch
the storybook pages of your life
flit by like grains of sand
spun up in gusts of
wintry wind
i see what i have always seen
the younger you
the puddle beauty still so vibrant
inside the pall you wear
and though i have so many words
so many soft whispers to offer
my voice falls short when
like you
i forget where we were
and remember only where we are




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