Saturday, April 30, 2016

And Baby Makes Six

And Baby Makes Six
(grandchildren, that is)

On Wednesday, our family welcomed a new baby boy. Congratulations to Joshua and Linda. He's perfect in every way, and such a looker.



Friday, April 29, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 5

puzzle pieces part 5 ...

the steam from his shower
fills the hallway
with a liquid cinereal fog
drifting past her
and out through the open window
into the hot summer air
she wipes at her eyes
whisks the wet beads
from her bruised cheek
and wonders
if he will think her crying
but her eyes
so clear and indifferent
so blue in intensity
harbour no tears
or feeling
only the ticking
of the hall clock
drones through her senses
inflaming her anger
strengthening her resolve
as she waits
and waits
her hands steady
her body barely moving
and when he turns off the water
when he steps from the shower
she slowly swings the door open
and stands solemnly
in his line of sight
she stares into his eyes
and sees how they widen and widen
his whole face quickly contorting with
a look of utter bewilderment
as he watches
her raise the revolver
watches as she fires
not once
not twice
but six times
each bullet
crashing into his skin
and smashing his life apart
into the debris of death
until at last he falls
leaving thick splatters
of blood
that cling to the tiled walls
like the puzzle pieces
she knew
she could never be
or ever become



Thursday, April 28, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 4

puzzle pieces ... part 4

the sun breaks
through the dark rain clouds
of a spring morning
breaks through the billows of black
that hasten with the wind
toward the eastern coast
and out by the back doorstep
the sand cherry bushes bloom
in a riot of pinks
embroidered with ivory white traces
and dripping with beads of scarlet
some mystery of chance
or circumstance
has turned the key
and unlocked the way
to happiness
folding each piece
of the puzzle of her
into a completed celebration
of patience over time
of persistence over despair
and every silky prayer
he has spider-spun
into the midnight air
has brought the consent
he has so longed to hear
when her soft and trembling voice
awakened his senses
from a long winter's sleep
with just four simple words
"I am coming back"



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 3

puzzle pieces ... part 3

this first winter
without her
is colder than
any he can remember
the snow has fallen
in drifts across
the yard
and the feathery frost crackles
in interconnected patterns
across the windows
he has sorted
the pieces of his hopelessness
into uneven piles
which he topples over
whenever he tries to fit
forgiveness into
the blank spaces
of his loneliness
until finally
he relents
when the confusion
of a shapeless life
leaves him dizzy
and daunted
so completely defeated
from turning over
and over
the pandemonium of his despair
each day diminishing
his sometimes angry certainty
that he might somehow
force the moment and
lock every piece
of the puzzle together
if only he might
have her near
and feel her embrace
once again



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 2

puzzle pieces ... part 2

at night
the ghost of her body
lies in a remembered place
once so close
and warm
once the comfort of
his restlessness
as he listened to
the softness of her breathing
that lulled and
coaxed him back
to sleep
but now there is
no whisper of her slumber
no soft skin to embrace
no turn of her hips
no gentle hand
to soothe his head
now there is only
fragments of cruel dreams
that creep into the room
on silent feet
to startle him from the bed
and send him walking through
empty rooms
where he gathers his jigsaw
of emotions
until at last he sits
at the honey-gold harvest table
which she loved so much
but which she decided
would also have
to be left behind




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