Thursday, April 28, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 4

puzzle pieces ... part 4

the sun breaks
through the dark rain clouds
of a spring morning
breaks through the billows of black
that hasten with the wind
toward the eastern coast
and out by the back doorstep
the sand cherry bushes bloom
in a riot of pinks
embroidered with ivory white traces
and dripping with beads of scarlet
some mystery of chance
or circumstance
has turned the key
and unlocked the way
to happiness
folding each piece
of the puzzle of her
into a completed celebration
of patience over time
of persistence over despair
and every silky prayer
he has spider-spun
into the midnight air
has brought the consent
he has so longed to hear
when her soft and trembling voice
awakened his senses
from a long winter's sleep
with just four simple words
"I am coming back"




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