Tuesday, April 26, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 2

puzzle pieces ... part 2

at night
the ghost of her body
lies in a remembered place
once so close
and warm
once the comfort of
his restlessness
as he listened to
the softness of her breathing
that lulled and
coaxed him back
to sleep
but now there is
no whisper of her slumber
no soft skin to embrace
no turn of her hips
no gentle hand
to soothe his head
now there is only
fragments of cruel dreams
that creep into the room
on silent feet
to startle him from the bed
and send him walking through
empty rooms
where he gathers his jigsaw
of emotions
until at last he sits
at the honey-gold harvest table
which she loved so much
but which she decided
would also have
to be left behind




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