Monday, November 20, 2017

the river ...

the river ...
this is the river
it winds through the ancient poplar trees
splashing over crags of rocks
until it turns into a fury of white foam
and sputters down a fall into
the unknown
and this is the the river
that is also you
that snakes through your body
and sketches the path of your life
and you will say all that
is simply madness
until you wake one morning
and feel its surge of power
deep inside you
pulling you away
from the life you know
and deeper into the forest
and then you will know
how you become
the river
before the river
becomes you



Monday, November 13, 2017

end of the affair ...

end of the affair ...
a slip of a hand
a push
a twisting away
and feet that disappear
a sigh
a groan
a harsh rebuke
and then the cold whisper of resignation
i'm watching
your shadow
move move through the
dark room
disturbing the air
and sending electric signals
across my naked body
no longer just naked
but empty now
empty and somehow
out of place
shocked back from nerveana
by the two by two sirens
of emergency vehicles
somewhere outside the window
invisible except for
the reverberation of terror
those wailing banshees of night
screaming as a kind of anthem
to the crumble of silence
dissolving split-seconds of paradise
and i suspect that
this is the punctuated
end of the affair



Monday, November 06, 2017

Wait and see ...

Wait and see ...
when my mother
decided to step out of life
and leave behind the pain
pinned to her heart
you said to me
"Wait and see ..."
and i guess i knew
what you meant
at the time
but now i'm not so sure
because over the years
it seems folks
have been pinning that same pain
to my heart
and to be honest
it weighs heavy
and holds the ship
in the harbour
and maybe
just maybe
you'll come by again
someday soon
and explain to me
what it is
we're waiting for



Monday, October 30, 2017

book of dreams ...

book of dreams ...
this is my book of dreams
and though you smirk
and laugh
and say "The pages are empty ..."
before i can explain
that every page
is a new beginning
and one that i hoped
i would fill
with the experience of you
before i can somehow
make you understand
you are gone
looking i suppose
for a dreamer
who has already filled his book
with lovers
other than



Monday, October 23, 2017

the price of pizza ...

the price of pizza ...
the old school clock
in the hallway
ticks off the seconds
beat by beat
and you
you are somewhere
maybe in the kitchen
maybe on the back deck
maybe having a smoke
i can't be sure
i do remember you saying
you had ordered pizza
and i should pay the guy
when it arrives
which seemed fair enough
until i discovered i might
be a dollar short
even after fumbling through
the couch cushions
and mining out
every nickle and dime
that i could find
the sad thing is
that i died some time
before the pizza guy arrived
and i suspect he was left
at the front door
drenched in the sweat of pepperoni
probably knocking
long and hard
and waiting for you
to reappear
and maybe you did
i can't be sure




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