Tuesday, May 09, 2017

i am the rain ...

i am the rain ...
i am the rain
falling from the darkest
tower of clouds
and washing over you
here beneath the canopy
of the groaning bed
where you lie
in wet-waiting
your arms pulling me to you
in a hard and fierce downpour
under an umbrella of soft sheets
until my body dissolves
and floods the riverbank creases
of your flesh
with the fertile silt of my love

in the calm afterwards
the deluge of the watery desire
in your eyes is transformed
and trickles into salty streaks
etched across your face
as your thoughts float back
over the torrential failings
of your turbulent past
recalling lovers found and lovers lost
through so many desperate years
the years of dry thunderstorms
scratching through the fog of your life
clawing through the standstill soot
with crooked fingernails of lightning
that illuminated your dusty world
for the briefest moment
with bright flashes of expectation
only to disappear forever
without leaving behind
a single drop of hope
until the shadows
veil your eyes
with sleep

when morning stirs
and blends the eastern horizon
into a potion of cascading colours overflowing
the coffee cup brim of the world
you watch the hot summer sun
rising through the scattering clouds
watch it steam across the asphalt fields
and in the warming light
your face softens
when you turn to ask
in fearful disbelief
why you should trust me
when i promise you
that i will remain
or even if that is what i truly mean
when i so boldly say to you that
i am the rain




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