Monday, February 27, 2017

ship wreck ...

ship wreck ...
the rain falls down
in a pitter-patter on the tin roof
above two lovers
twisting into one another
in a seemingly endless ballet
that stimulates a sea of wet skin
and then suddenly becomes a cold tableau
of frozen figures on a canvas
a still-life of desire
never realised
and so it was
if i remember correctly
how you twisted the bedsheets
into sailor knots
and hoisted my longing
like a sail
ready to catch the stormy blow
of your urgency
until in an unexpected moment
you spun out of control
and if there was a harbour near
i did not catch the guiding flicker
of a lighthouse
warning me of the treachery
of your other self
but crashed instead
into the reef
hiding just beneath the surface
of your shallow promise
of love



Friday, February 24, 2017

letting go ...

letting go ...
if you look close enough
no, not at the courage in his eyes
and no, not at the acceptance
he uses to shade every waking moment now
and no, not at the swagger of his walk
that hasn't changed over the years ...
if you look close enough
you will see the deepest regret
and hear the saddest sigh
not because he knows he is dying
but because of the heartfelt loss
he feels more now than ever before
his simple knowing that he will not be around
to be with you
and watch your life and loves
blossom in the spring rain
and no
he will not feel the cool of the rain
nor the warmth of the sun
that breaks through
even the darkest clouds
and no
you will not hear his voice
except in the quietest memories
if at all
and yes
there is a sadness in that
but if you truly knew him at all
you know he would want you
to carry on
to grow and prosper
to carry love forward
and so ...
share the last of his strength
and breathe with him
his final breath
let him close his eyes
listening to your voice
to let him go



Monday, February 20, 2017

pencil ...

pencil ...
i've bought you this pencil
yes, it's brand new
i've only sharpened the tip
so that you might write
a little something
if you have a yen to write
or maybe you will draw
a picture and shade in
the shadows that follow us
from time to time
or if nothing else
perhaps you'll draw a line
that sketches a blueprint
of your past
a graphite map
of your happy times
and if you're so inclined
go ahead and
add some of the heartaches
you've shared with
uncertain ghosts
now long gone
but know this
that whatever you put to paper
eventually your pencil
will run short
and you will be forced
to call an end to
all your scribbling
oh no ...
each of us gets
but one pencil
with which to trace
what we were once
and what we are today
just one
just one
and when it is done
then, yes ...
the line trails off
the crowded page
crumbles in a twist of wood
and runs blank
not just for today
but for good



Friday, February 17, 2017

Drivin' Around

Drivin' Around
I'm drivin' around ... just drivin' around ...
I'm headin' up one street and takin' the next one down
Ain't sure where I'm going and don't really care
Guess I'll know what's what when I finally get there

I'm drivin' around ... just drivin' around ...
Music on the radio playin' some sweet mellow sound
Can't quite connect with my GPS
Where it's sayin' to go is anybody's guess

I'm drivin' around ... just drivin' around ...
Drivin' right on past the old fairground
Always lookin' for blue sky round about every turn
Might think I'd know by now but, hell, you never learn

I'm drivin' around ... just drivin' around ...
My woman turned from sweet to some kinda hellhound
I can't say I was surprised and can't say I was sad
Everything I touch goes from good to bad

I'm drivin' around ... just drivin' around ...
Some things in life never really get found
If God's in Heaven then maybe it's true
That searchin' for salvation is the best you can do



Wednesday, February 15, 2017

things i forgot to tell you ... #6

things i forgot to tell you ... #6

the world
is not always a beautiful place
and days of days
will sear your hopes and dreams
with a force so blinding
that even as you turn your eyes away
you will never see straight
ever again
and the sound of children
will haunt you
like an everlasting river of darkness
haunt you
like the flood tides from a sea of madness
but just when you can't
seem to take your next breath
unclench your fists
unstop your heart and let it beat again
let it beat and beat and
beat the pall of cinders
smouldering in a death-grip
over the expanse of your faith
beat out the anger waiting like a spark
waiting to ignite the flames
of a fire ready to consume you
in the furnace of hate
and know one thing
know one simple thing
and do not hesitate
alternate or equivocate
open your spirit
however weak
open your silent voice
and for God's sake

© Kennedy James. All rights reserved.




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