Wednesday, February 15, 2017

things i forgot to tell you ... #6

things i forgot to tell you ... #6

the world
is not always a beautiful place
and days of days
will sear your hopes and dreams
with a force so blinding
that even as you turn your eyes away
you will never see straight
ever again
and the sound of children
will haunt you
like an everlasting river of darkness
haunt you
like the flood tides from a sea of madness
but just when you can't
seem to take your next breath
unclench your fists
unstop your heart and let it beat again
let it beat and beat and
beat the pall of cinders
smouldering in a death-grip
over the expanse of your faith
beat out the anger waiting like a spark
waiting to ignite the flames
of a fire ready to consume you
in the furnace of hate
and know one thing
know one simple thing
and do not hesitate
alternate or equivocate
open your spirit
however weak
open your silent voice
and for God's sake

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