Friday, February 24, 2017

letting go ...

letting go ...
if you look close enough
no, not at the courage in his eyes
and no, not at the acceptance
he uses to shade every waking moment now
and no, not at the swagger of his walk
that hasn't changed over the years ...
if you look close enough
you will see the deepest regret
and hear the saddest sigh
not because he knows he is dying
but because of the heartfelt loss
he feels more now than ever before
his simple knowing that he will not be around
to be with you
and watch your life and loves
blossom in the spring rain
and no
he will not feel the cool of the rain
nor the warmth of the sun
that breaks through
even the darkest clouds
and no
you will not hear his voice
except in the quietest memories
if at all
and yes
there is a sadness in that
but if you truly knew him at all
you know he would want you
to carry on
to grow and prosper
to carry love forward
and so ...
share the last of his strength
and breathe with him
his final breath
let him close his eyes
listening to your voice
to let him go




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