Friday, April 29, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 5

puzzle pieces part 5 ...

the steam from his shower
fills the hallway
with a liquid cinereal fog
drifting past her
and out through the open window
into the hot summer air
she wipes at her eyes
whisks the wet beads
from her bruised cheek
and wonders
if he will think her crying
but her eyes
so clear and indifferent
so blue in intensity
harbour no tears
or feeling
only the ticking
of the hall clock
drones through her senses
inflaming her anger
strengthening her resolve
as she waits
and waits
her hands steady
her body barely moving
and when he turns off the water
when he steps from the shower
she slowly swings the door open
and stands solemnly
in his line of sight
she stares into his eyes
and sees how they widen and widen
his whole face quickly contorting with
a look of utter bewilderment
as he watches
her raise the revolver
watches as she fires
not once
not twice
but six times
each bullet
crashing into his skin
and smashing his life apart
into the debris of death
until at last he falls
leaving thick splatters
of blood
that cling to the tiled walls
like the puzzle pieces
she knew
she could never be
or ever become




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