Wednesday, April 27, 2016

puzzle pieces ... part 3

puzzle pieces ... part 3

this first winter
without her
is colder than
any he can remember
the snow has fallen
in drifts across
the yard
and the feathery frost crackles
in interconnected patterns
across the windows
he has sorted
the pieces of his hopelessness
into uneven piles
which he topples over
whenever he tries to fit
forgiveness into
the blank spaces
of his loneliness
until finally
he relents
when the confusion
of a shapeless life
leaves him dizzy
and daunted
so completely defeated
from turning over
and over
the pandemonium of his despair
each day diminishing
his sometimes angry certainty
that he might somehow
force the moment and
lock every piece
of the puzzle together
if only he might
have her near
and feel her embrace
once again




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