Monday, December 07, 2015

The Spirit Of Christmas ...

The Spirit Of Christmas ...

Is it the tinsel?
Is it the candy canes?
Is it the whole Santa Claus thing, with the elves, the sled, and the flying reindeer, one with an unrelenting, blinking red nose?

Is it the glitzy wrapping paper?
Is it the absurdly decorated bush in the corner, with its twinkling lights, and its little manger effect at its base?
Is it the Christmas cake, the Christmas cookies, the Christmas ham?

Is it the eggnog?
Is it those cranberry-nut-poinsettia-sprig-of-pine wreaths on every door you pass?
Is it the snowman dressed in a scarf and an old top hat on the neighbour's front yard?

Is it the Christmas stockings hung with great care?
Is it the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker Suite?
Is it having to watch It's A Wonderful Life for the 37th time?

Is it the Christmas carols?
Is it the Salvation Army kettle attended by someone dinging a little bell?
Is it the gingerbread house decorated with M&M's stuck permanently in that ridiculously impervious icing?

Is it the Christmas cards?
Is it the jolly jingles?
Is it the star of wonder?

Is it the scented candles?
Is it the mistletoe?
Is it that no-room-at-the-inn birth of Jesus scenario?

Is it the giving?
Is it the getting?
Is it watching the hopeful hands of children ripping and shredding through hours of carefully wrapped presents?

Is it the endless flash of some nit-wit's camera?
Is it the reminder of someone missing?
Is it the snuggly clump-clump of floppy new slippers?

Is it any of these?
Is it all of these?
Or is it that something in your heart that you will never ever find under a thousand thousand thousand Christmas trees?



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