Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An Uneasy Requiem ...

An Uneasy Requiem ...
this is the place of shadows
the darkness now complete
a place to fumble
through the blackened shards of wood
and the cold grey ashes
that remain from the fire you ignited
but left to burn out
the dancing flames
that reached as near to the stars
as one could ever imagine
now gone forever
not a spark remaining
and though i toss
and turn over every burnt out
word and phrase
there is nothing left
nothing but soot and dust
and nothing more to say or write
except perhaps to scrawl
in the cold cinders
a simple

the beautiful women remain
the women you loved
and perhaps betrayed
the women you created
only to leave with
desperate hearts
and now like silent nuns
each one kneels round the bed
they knew so well
and each bowed head
whispers with trembling lips
your promises
the words you spoke
and let fall
like beads of holy oil
that enlivened their bodies
and drizzled down their thighs
to stain the elegant sheets
of the bed
in another forgettable hotel room
in some vague somewhere
in some vaguer sometime

you've left the room
where once you entertained
apostle and skeptic alike
you've left and walked your silent walk
to the end of the dark hallway
turned the handle
of some gloomy door
stepped through
and without looking back
closed it behind you
and though the dancing
and merriment of sin
continues here without you
it no longer
seems the same
and though the music widens
and the sex turns over
and under
i swear
i can no longer find
the art of longing
and the mystery of metaphor
which have left with you

© Kennedy James. All rights reserved.




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