Monday, January 30, 2017

things i forgot to tell you ... #1

things i forgot to tell you ... #1

beyond every pain
there is
just outside an open window
a young bird
who flies erratically
on his fledgling descent
from the high boughs of
the apple tree
and when the air betrays him
and he plummets with a crash
that sends him tumbling
over onto the lawn
by the juniper trees
he'll just shake his head
a time or two
to make sure up is up
and down is down
and before you know it
he'll be a flurry of feathers
and off into the air again
alighting nicely on the fence post
where if you wait
if you wait long enough
you'll hear him sing
a song so wonderful
that your heart will mend
and your soul
will soar
high into the skies
and maybe
just maybe
you'll be brave enough
to recognise
in this simple event
the mystery
and the miracle
of life

© Kennedy James. All rights reserved.




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