Tuesday, March 21, 2017

crack in the fence ...

crack in the fence ...
there is a crack in the fence
where she peeks through
to greener grass
and she wonders
she dreams
she imagines herself in a bubble fantasy
where all the world becomes
a place of stardust and unicorns and rainbows
or at the very least a place
unencumbered by a circle of fences
and the best you can do
is sit by the window
and watch
as she turns into a restless fume
a trail of smoke
that drifts away
through that tear in the weather-beaten fabric
of a life together
through that unexpected gap
in the fence you built for her
so many years ago
when the future seemed never-ending
and so it goes
sometimes things just don't work out
and maybe your heart skips a beat
and hurts for a moment or two
but soon enough
love returns
and the warmth of another
melts across your body
in splendid ripples
of giddy joy
and through it all
maybe you learn
how to patch
every crack in every fence
you build
or maybe you discover the secret
of never building a fence
at all




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