Wednesday, May 25, 2016


i'm your smokestack baby
              slogging my way through a break in the bush
        huffing and puffing and slugging and chugging
              spouting a fog of dappled white shrouds
                                   jitterbugging up to the frostbitten clouds
                  oh hold on tight baby hold on tight
         cause this sudden locomotion
                 and all this heavy-breathing commotion
                      has us itching for hitching
                            and feverishly coupling link to pin
                    and yes it's one serious-cum-delirious situation
                                          so i'm just gonna drive and drive and drive
                                                        until this train done finally stall or arrive
                                                                             at the platform of yer pouty li'l station

so strap your hands baby
       'round my hard-ass engines
                  just throttle on past that switchman's red light
                     my hot piston's ready to pump and to bump
                          oh you'll feel it in time baby
                                    by thump and by thump
                            and we'll race right on past the
                                                                    ding ding ding ding
                             of every small town's railway crossing
                                   where the traffic waits for the eventual passing
                                          of that rusty excuse of an old red caboose
              while Suzy and Arnold make out in delight
                     while Mrs Maggie Tibeau calms her cocker's sheer fright
                                and Big Bob Farley turns the monkey loose

take the hard turn baby
       send the conductor sprawling
                     engineer every perilous slope and slide
                                   let these steel tracks take us far and away
                                            over and beyond to the other side
                                   gonna turn you loose baby
                                        gonna go for broke
                                             gonna stoke that firebox stroke by stroke
                                                     'til it fills the air with all kinds o' smoke
                            and when we're floating on curly ribbons of steam
                                                 when all that lonesome whistle's wails
                                                        are hushed beneath the soft hiss of bliss
                         we'll slip away into an endless dream
                                    of how romance is sweeter when you're ridin' the rails




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