Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back To The Future

Back To The Future

You may be from the future, and you just don't know it.

Oh, I know, that sounds silly, but hey, anything is possible. Even time travel!

Huh? You're a skeptic? You think I've lost my marbles?

Well, check out this video from a Charlie Chaplin's 1929 film, The Circus:

Can you see the older lady walking and talking on a cell phone? A cell phone in 1929? Oh, she is definitely from the future.

And how about the guy known as The Time Travelling Hipster who appears in a photograph taken at the reopening ceremony of South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, Canada, in 1941. Photo-shopped? Uh uh ... the orginal existed long before photo-shopping was in vogue. Check it out:

Here's a closer look:

You can tell, by the way he's dressed, that he is definitely from the future. Check out his shades, and the hockey sweater that he's wearing. Compare these to the clothing of the folks around him. He is definitely out of sync with the fashions of the era to which he's travelled.

The proof is in. Time travel is not only a possibility, it's happening every day.

And you may not be the you that you think you are. Phew, that's a lot of you's.

So, the only question that remains is: What are you doing here?

Maybe you're here to fix some little screw up you made in your life.

Maybe you married the wrong guy, and you're here to change all that. When you actually meet him (again) for the first time, you'll know, ahead of time, that he burps at the dinner table, farts in bed, and urinates all over the toilet seat. Yuk, no wonder you've come back to change your romantic flub.

Maybe you need some extra cash in the future, so you plan to buy stock in a company called Macrosoft, which in 2110 takes over Microsoft and earns a billion-billion dollars. You'll be rich, right? Yes, but you will have to be able to get back to the future in 2110 to benefit from your newly-found wealth. Who can say whether or not time travel is a two-way tunnel?

Maybe you'd just like to time travel out of 2016 and go back to, say, the 50's or the 60's. Maybe you're fed up with rap music, with L'il Wayne and Snoopy Doggie Doggie, not to mention all theose goofy millennials. Maybe you'd like to see Elvis perform live, or The Beatles. Maybe you want to try out being a real hippie, and not a wannabe hippie. Maybe, just maybe, you've already done all that, and here you are wishing that you had time travelled back a bit further.

Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Just remember, you can't go back and sleep with your mother or father. That would be too weird. Like, how could you possibly give birth to yourself? Oh dear, I can just see how you'd end up starring in a TV series called The Bad Bang Theory.




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