Wednesday, September 07, 2016

under the summer sun ...

under the summer sun ...
under the summer sun
the wildflowers slipped
in and out of bloom
billowing in waves of colour
washing over
burnt prairie fields
the dry earth soaking up
each floral flood
before the turning of a kaleidoscope
brought another iridescent genus
reviving the landscape
until time and the heat
blew it all away

under the summer sun
the wind at my back
was barely a wind at all
a breeze that murmured
indistinct sounds
of the cicada and
the ever-present crickets
all lost somehow
beneath the more persistent call
of the whippoorwill
that seemed to coax
the drowsy air
from its sleepy lethargy

i loved you then
i loved you by sea breeze
and along the drift
of parched white sand dunes
where we lay quietly
in a lingering embrace
yes, i loved you then
when the air was thick
with the dust of pollen
spread over us
by the flight of honey bees
that collected sweet nectar
meadow by meadow

until at last
the summer sun
sank lower
in the southern sky
and grew colder
day by day
and now as the nighttime frost
dances under a harvest moon
and reduces summer's splendour
to autumnal mud
i don't love you so much
no, not so much




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