Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Call Me Cinderfella

Call Me Cinderfella

I'm looking for a fairy god mother. Well, actually, any mother will do. But one a little older. Say 40 plus.

And she needs to hate cats. Make her allergic to them, if that's possible.

Someone sweet. Matronly, but not with the huge boobs, thanks.

Someone who will turn her head when I say something. Or at least shrug a shoulder. It's hard talking to the back end of an older woman who is always busy in her garden or baking for the grandkids.

I need someone to reorganise my life. You see, I've had a run of bad luck lately. My place is a mess and my mind wanders.

But my head is still full of wishes. I just need someone with a little abracadabra left in her to make all those dreams come true.

I'm not alone of course. I guess there are a few other people out there looking for what I'm looking for. But, hell, the line forms here, or rather there, right behind me.

Yeah, call me Cinderfella and bring on the woman who can turn pumpkins into carriages and mice into stallions. I need a little magic even for just one day, a little zoom, zoom, zoom, before the midnight curfew takes it all away again.



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