Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One Day

One Day

One day ...

We all say it ...

One day, I'll have this or that. One day, I'll be this or that. One day, everything will make sense. One day, I'll be happy.

I must admit that I have had my "one day" dreamy scenarios as well. Some of these wishes have arrived quite unexpectedly and, I should add, quite happily.

After all, dreams that come true are the best dreams of all.

Sadly, some of my "one day's" have fallen short of completion, and I've had to leave them by the wayside. I suppose not every wish comes true, not every hope finds its way into our experiences.

The worst of those failures would be my disappointments in love. Time and time again, I have wandered into loving arms without guessing that love is not always pure, that the emotion of being in love can and often does have a second, somewhat unscrupulous agenda.

Hard for a romantic like me to accept, but some people "fall in love" because their bank accounts confirm that they will not make it through life on their own. Other people "fall in love" because they need some kind of emotional security, not love, but some kind of constant companionship to help pass the dark hours of loneliness. Some even "fall in love" for the sex ... imagine that.

It's sad. You see, I still remember, way back in my younger days, when love was so simple, almost innocent. You fell in love without a second thought for all the social or economic wranglings that come with middle age.

But that was a different "one day" — it isn't something you can ever hope for again — just a "one day" long ago that will never return.

Life ... it's just how life happens ...



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