Tuesday, June 16, 2015

shooting star ...

shooting star ...

i lost you
when the sun dropped
over the brim
and the hope ran out
leaving a hole
in the night sky
where you disappeared
behind the blackest clouds
that spread like fog
over my deepest imaginings
and for one last time
i watched
your razor-sharp lips
slip sideways when
you said
it wasn't something
that i did
wasn't anything
i done wrong
just that life sometimes
spreads out like a Japanese fan
and divides lovers
one by one
and slices through
the me and you

i lost you
in the heat of the summer turned cold
when the claws of a winter night
tore a hole in the fabric
of the stars
and there you disappeared
into the division
leaving me here to watch
the darkness spill
like black widow ink
over my heart
leaving me waiting
against all doubt
for some kind of split-
second last chance
that never came
except maybe for my one
casual glance
that saw
in this night of nights
a shooting star
trail over me
spark and flare
so startling and so bright
but in the catch
of a single breath
it flamed out
and vanished forever
far beyond
the threshold of sight

Here's what I'm listening to this morning ...

Bob Dylan ~ Shooting Star



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