Saturday, September 19, 2015

Facing Dragons

Facing Dragons

I have faced many dragons in my life.

I have slain every one.

They are not so fierce as they seem.

We face our deepest fears with courage or not at all. These fears may scare us into the shadows, but we must never become shadows. The essence of being human is to find the light within us so that we can illuminate the way for others who may be following in our path. That is our responsibility to the world.

Many come here looking for solace, only to discover that others are looking for solace too. Many come here looking for strength in numbers, in the hopes, dreams, and daily lives of others. Some find that strength. Some reel utterly alone. Some write broken words across a computer screen, post their anguish up for the world to see, and wait for some response. Too often, they return, day after day, to find their words unread, their sadness unacknowledged.

It’s an uneven world. We bump along, and we are jarred by the changes of fortune that seem to rush out at us from unexpected places. No one promised it would be an easy ride. No one promised anything, and if they did, they were misguided. The only promises that are real are the ones you make for yourself.

Promise yourself. Promise to be strong, to be brave in the face of those who would hurt you. Promise to continue, no matter what life throws your way. Promise to be helpful for those who might need your help.

Above all, promise yourself that you will slay every dragon that you meet along the way.

They are not so fierce as they seem.



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