Monday, September 14, 2015

Judgement Day Blues ... With Apologies To W. B. Yeats

Judgement Day Blues

i'm slouching towards Bethlehem
riding on a ragged and rough beast
that someone left to die
of dehydration
by the side of the road
but not to worry
i fixed the critter up
with a couple of raspberry Dasanis
i had stashed in my rack pack
and before the sun melted
and turned the sky
into a Jackson Pollock
we were good to go

i think i'm high on the pot
i was Goodwill smoking
off some guy one stall over
in the Starbuck's john
a couple of days ago
or it could be i'm just dizzy
from the smell of oil wells
burning on the horizon
yeah, i know
huge brain bummer
and a real echo-disaster
not to mention
all the grannie four-wheelers that
could use that oil
over in Armerica
but what the hell
it's Judgement Day anyway
the end of the world
and all that

yep, me too
at first
i thought it was just a joke
but when the dead guys
in the burned out jeeps
started getting fiddly
like Captain Jack's pirates
and began swapping out batteries
from the toasted
Mercedes turn-over wrecks
into up-armoured Humvees
well, i figured
fork and spoon
this is going to get bad
real bad

and if it's a joke
well it's like
way more tragicosmic
than funny
don't ya think?
unless maybe you can hitch
a ride on the cool white cloud bank
that Jesus is driving around
here somewhere
like He's chauffeuring
a triple-x stretch white limo
as He cruises at a serious low altitude
and circles the world
once or twice
to pick up the strays
before heading off to paradise

believe what you want
i'm telling you that
the Omega-3 king
swung by here for sure
maybe just 22 minutes ago
but i waved him on by
'cause hell
i'm not really into
hitching much anymore
and sure
he's a good looking dude
even without the beard
but i figured at the time
there might be more chicks
on the road



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