Saturday, September 12, 2015

Photographs ...

Photographs ...

these are the photographs
the puzzle pieces of a map
that trace the story
of the journey
you have been travelling
a ragged album
of jumbled glimpses
that form
a series of scribbled lines
crisscrossing over the topography
of places you have been
and people you have known
sometimes zigzagging
here and there in an endless
clutter of times found
and times lost
sometimes circling repeatedly
over happy familiarity
sometimes ending
with a dull blotch

these are the photographs
that measure life
as it shrinks
the years into memories
a catalogue of every stage
of every age
of how this moment
lead to that
of times when
all that mattered
was as simple as the smile
that danced into a snapshot
of you
of your best side
and of your happiness
there in your past
there in the photo album
you so cherish
and willingly share
while forgetting the shoebox
beneath your bed
where all your secret film noir prints
might tell a different story
one that you might reveal
but do not dare



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