Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Have you ever had a screw-loose friend? You know, one of those people who never conquered puberty? One of those people who mutter and putter aimlessly through life, who make one silly mistake after another, who really have very little or no sense of what the hell she or he is doing here?

Ever had a wing-wang acquaintance? You know, one of those people who live in a constant state of yo-yoism, some days up, other days down? One of those people who can really send your psyche for a walloping roller-coaster ride of emotion, sometimes right off the upper tracks and over the whole carnival and other times plunging you into the deepest pit of despair?

Ever enjoyed the company of a descendant from Hitler's youth? You know, one of those people who try to control your every move and your every thought? One of those people who imagine what your reality should be and demand that you act accordingly? One of those people who keep you constantly dancing on a carpet of ever-shifting emotional eggshells?

It seems to me that no matter how positive you may be, if you let negative people drift into your world, you end up in a negative state. It's simple mathematics. Combine a negative with a positive, and you get a negative.

You're only as happy as the people whom you allow to participate in your life.



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