Tuesday, November 17, 2015

les femmes fatales ... deux

les femmes fatales ... deux

you spun silver threads around my heart
in ever-tightening circles
a cocoon
you said
to protect me from
the winter storms
a pause
while i learned to be
a proper courtier
deserving of
your affection
and so i waited
through a tireless
until at last
i surfaced
with butterfly wings
which i unfolded
only for you
and spread ever so wide
in silent anticipation
each furtive flutter
coaxing stamen to hymen
but your indifference
the soft powder
of colour
from my dreams
and left me
bound and pinned
in no special place amidst
uneven rows of
ancient and decaying moths
a collection of carcasses
lining the murky gray walls
of your murderous dominion
in the icy cathedral
of your clumsy cruelty

© Kennedy James. All rights reserved.




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