Thursday, November 05, 2015

Time Bandits

Time Bandits

Have you ever considered the amount of time you waste in a day?

Just this morning, while sitting here drinking my oh-so-crisp dark roast coffee, I have been thinking that we are all so easily made victims to time bandits.

Time bandits rob us of time. They turn potentially useful seconds, minutes, and hours into useless second, minutes, and hours — time frittered away for no purpose whatsoever.

Take waiting ...
  • I hate waiting for anything. If a friend or family member is coming over for lunch or dinner, they had better be on time. Sitting and waiting on anyone is a mortal sin, and the scampi can't simmer forever.
  • I hate waiting for a bus or a cab. Even worse, I hate waiting during that insufferable period of time it takes between checking in at the airport and waiting for the plane to actually board.
  • I hate waiting for an important telephone call. If someone says, "I'll call you at 10:00 sharp," well, they had better call at 10:00 sharp.
  • Waiting on "HOLD" on the telephone for anything is outright piracy. The way in which some companies leave you drifting in space, often with the most hideous music playing in your ear, is beyond me.

Then there's sleep ...
  • How much sleep do we really need? I sleep maybe six hours a night. Anymore than that, and I feel like lying in bed is a waste of time.
  • When I wake up, I get up. No lying there thinking about this or that in the morning. I have always found that those first thoughts in the morning are either far too confused or completely misinformed. Up and at 'em — that's my motto.

Worst of all is all that media ...
  • Now I like watching television, but I rarely, if ever, watch it "live." I record all my favourite shows so that I can fast forward through the commercials. For me, commercials are generally a waste of my time.
  • Some people purposely use television as a time waster. You know, when there's nothing better to do, you surf around the channels, and watch a bit of this dribble and bit of that dribble, the end result being that you watch nothing at all. I can't imagine being quite so frivolous with my time.
  • I must add that most of the shows on television really are time bandits of the worst kind. For the life of me, I can never understand why people watch these "reality" shows about other people's lives. Such a waste of time, and really, that kind of viewing behaviour literally shouts that you have no life of your own and would rather live vicariously through the never-ending drama of someone else's life story (fake as that must be).
  • I am not a "gamer," but I do understand how video games can be a fun diversion, especially for the younger set. But, hey, video games are not supposed to replace real life, and too often they do.
  • Time fumbling around Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or just social media in general is yet another time bandit. I mean, I have known people who literally sit on their Facebook page waiting for something, anything, to happen. Wow ... read a book.

Finally, there's Koffee With Kennedy ...
  • Oh, c'mon ... it's not that bad. You were going to sit down and have your coffee anyway.

Now, I know John Lennon once said, "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted time," or something to that effect, and I agree. Unfortunately, there are some of us who never "enjoy" wasting time, and still we fall prey to all those Time Bandits that would rob us of the precious time we have left.



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