Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dancing With Goliath

Dancing With Goliath

Sometimes things fall apart.

Sometimes, love cools, friendships backslide, families break apart, health deteriorates, finances fail, and sometimes, that someone you knew as "you" yesterday doesn't seem all too familiar today.

It's like what people say, "Shit happens."

I suppose heartache and disillusionment in life are natural. Everyone experiences bad times. Everyone gets the blues from time to time. What matters is how you deal with those disappointing moments and feelings of hopelessness.

There is no cure-all for unhappiness. I think what matters is that you face problems head-on. Too many people tend to dodge around issues that make them uncomfortable. Dealing with stress and emotions-gone-amok can be painful, but not dealing with those things simply recycles the pain over and over again.

I used to face some of my problems with a simple inner censor. I told myself, "Oh, I won't think about that right now. Maybe tomorrow." When tomorrow came, of course, I simply repeated the denial. "No, not a good day, today," I would tell myself, "some other time perhaps."

Such procrastination merely inflamed the problem. Stress doesn't dissipate with time. In fact, it seems to become more and more extreme as you let problems fester. After all, the more you run from finding a solution, the further away the solution is.

If, however, you take a shot at dealing with problems and solving issues, then there will be an outcome of some sort, even if that outcome is unpleasant. Resolution trumps apprehension. I would rather have a solution — even a dissolution — than a continued uncertainty.

I've come to believe that you sometimes have to pull up your big-boy pants or your big girl panties and face reality in a mature manner.

Yes, life is full of hardships. What did you expect? A free ride on the roller-coaster without any dips and turns? It just doesn't work that way. You can be a baby about it and hide in your room. You can pretend nothing is wrong, but eventually, you'll realise that something is wrong, and you'll have to face it.

I abhor weakness. I especially hate it when I find myself floundering, simply because I don't have the strength of character or the will to stand up to the bully-inside-of-me, that voice that coaxes me to back off, turn away, and head for the land of indecision and indifference.

Let the weak be weak. Let your resolve be strong. There is nothing in this world that you cannot overcome, if you put your mind to it.

OK, that last bit might not be completely true. There are things in this world that can absolutely squash you. But at least you showed up to get squashed.




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