Thursday, July 07, 2016

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

Yesterday, I was walking around the gardens here, and I happened to notice some especially vigorous vines and creepers snaking their way up the stone walls around the pool. They creep and cling into every little crevice, nook and cranny.

Quite pretty, actually, but of course my mind started to turn things over and over.

You see, it dawned on me that in life, there are people who are creepers. You know, the kind of person who "creeps" into your day-to-day comings and goings, the kind of person who hovers over your every move, the kind of person who has an opinion about every thing you do or say.

Worst of all, these "creepers" are usually judgemental. They always tend to know the right way of living, which is their way. So, they are quick to hold up a mirror to your life in order to show you, quite happily, how crappy your life is.

Well, who's to say whether or not your life is crappy. If you fall into the creeper's trap and accept his or her judgement, then you are playing into the game and doing yourself a great disservice. After all, there are hundreds of mirrors you could look into. Accepting a creeper's take on your life is simply foolish. Creepers want you to feel diminished so that they can feel superior to poor you.

Look into another mirror. Look into the mirror that says you're a great mom or dad, the mirror that says you're great at your job, the mirror that says you're an important friend to everyone you know.

The thing about those creepers climbing up the wall around the pool is that they have to be cut back from time to time or they will overrun the entire garden.

We can apply that little gardening chore to our everyday lives as well.




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