Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another Lifetime Ago

Another Lifetime Ago

Have you ever had this weird feeling that you've been here before? Ever feel like you were once someone else living in another time?

Many people believe that they once lived another lifetime prior to this one. Some people get these strange echoes of the past — feelings of déjà vu but with a twist. They get the sense that they have lived through certain experiences before, existed in a past life as a completely different and separate personality, nothing like who they are now. Some people can even recall a whole catalogue of different lifetimes.

I have never honestly had this sensation of a previous existence. However, if the idea of pre-existing lives is true, I'd like to think that I was someone important, someone with a little pop in history. I do have some similarities to Sigmund Freud — sex on the brain, night and day, and the love of a good cigar (which is just a cigar). Sometimes I see things like the impressionist painter, Claude Monet — all blurry and vague — but that may just be from a sugar rush after a plateful of brownies and ice-cream. I don't think I would have been anyone bad, like Hitler or Stalin. I speak neither German or Russian. I wouldn't mind being the reincarnation of a famous writer, someone like J.D. Salinger, the author of Catcher in the Rye, but I was born before he died, so I guess that disqualifies me right there.

I might have been a lower form of life. A dog, perhaps, yes, a dog with a loud bark. Or maybe a horse. Maybe a thoroughbred racing horse, slow out of the gate, but lightning fast in the back stretch.

I wouldn't want to have been a wild animal, such as a lion or a grizzly bear, a giraffe or a wild hare. I'd rather have been more closely connected to humans, maybe a barnyard goat or a pig. Not sure. Maybe a small rodent living in the streets of Paris, maybe a Mexican mule. After all, over my current life span, many people have called me a rat, and others have called me an ass. It's possible they know more about such matters than I do.



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