Saturday, July 04, 2015

day's end ...

day's end ...

at day's end during the time of long shadows
the blue of the afternoon rusts
into shades of orange oxides
that scratch long, jagged grooves across the mountains
an ancient forest twists and turns in despair
a medley of trees with roots
fighting to find living earth
beneath and around dark crags of rock
arthritic bark fingers
clawing the rock face to nurture tall trunks and branches
that snake through the steam of decay
and entwine one another
like lovers searching for solace or salvation
wooden limbs fractured by their fury
to feel the light high above the dark canopy of leaves
and here
i find myself spun out of time's web
along a trail that leads to a hidden sanctuary
of silent reflection
where the limestone bleeds
into a pool of holy water
which i dare not contemplate too long
for fear that i may never leave



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