Monday, July 20, 2015

Kissing By The Book

Kissing By The Book

In Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet says to Romeo: “You kiss by the book.”

I've always wondered what she meant by that. Is there a book of kissing? Is it a book of instructions, sort of a Kissing for Idiots manual? It seems to me that anyone with decent aim could be a good kisser. You should hit the lips, I guess, but even that is no longer really an issue.

Hit the foot ... and you're OK.

Hit the knee ... and you're OK.

Hit the tummy or thereabouts ... and you’re really OK.

Breasts ... mmmm.

Hands, arms, shoulders, back ... perfectly acceptable.

Hit the neck … should be fine unless you have relatives in Transylvania.

You can even hit the ear. You'll still be OK.

Really, the only body part that might not be acceptable is the nose. You should probably never stick your tongue up someone‘s nostril.

And now that I've written that ... I wonder what it would be like?

I mean it couldn't be any worse than going to work every day and having to kiss someone’s ass.



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