Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Bedroom Door

The Bedroom Door

Yes, I know, you thought . . .

Hey, I was thinking that too . . .

There must be something in the air. Pheromones ... the scent of chocolate ... a good glass of wine ... candles .. romantic music .. the scent of wildflowers ... who really knows?

Feeling a little frisky? Feeling sexy? Well, why not?

Some days, I think it's a funny world that we live in. For some people, there are things, like sex, that they just don't want to talk about. For some, the thought of it sparks so many insecurities, relationship issues, body issues, moral issues — the list goes on and on. I'm never sure why. I guess my take on sex has always been that it's probably a pretty normal thing to want, a pretty natural thing to do, and a pretty wonderful experience between consenting adults.

Well, most of the time. I guess sometimes, the geometry doesn't quite work, the angles are a bit off, but with a little practice you can fix that. Your body may not be a perfect 10, but maybe it's a perfect 20, or a perfect 30 — maybe you're perfect in someone else's eyes, if not your own.

I think sex is a gauge of intimacy. I know, it's not the only measure of how much two people can be in love, but making love is called “making love” for a reason. The act of making love fulfils something in the heart and soul more than it satisfies something physical. The physical act is just exercise. Without love, you might as well spend an hour, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 minute, or whatever amount of time you can manage, on a treadmill. Without love, it's just a bit of aerobics. You might lose a bit of weight in the process, but you won't feel the whole experience and joy of sharing yourself with another person.

So, why not? Even if things have been going poorly lately, why not? Sometime today, go up to the person you love and say, “Tonight, I don't want to talk about our problems, our kids, our past, our future. All I want is to do is lie with you in bed and feel how wonderful your skin feels next to mine. Not now, but tonight, when the moon is high and bright.”

That should do it.

That should get your partner thinking for the rest of the day in a way that maybe he or she hasn't been thinking for some time. Make it romantic. Have a little chocolate and a glass of wine. Light a few candles, play that special music, slip into something sexy, and create a mood that you may have thought wasn't possible anymore. It's always still possible.

You know that bedroom door? Maybe it's time to open it again.



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