Tuesday, February 09, 2016



When my children were young, I constantly talked to them about having "ground."

Ground is where you stop, where you land when every hope, dream, and expectation dissolves before your eyes. Ground is what saves you from falling into despair.

Ground is the sum of who you are, the unshakable belief in yourself and in those that make up your world. At ground, tears are permissible, tragedy is not something from which you hide, but at ground, defeat is never acceptable. At ground, the chaos stops, and you know that the world makes sense and that you, in this world, make sense.

When things fall apart, I suppose we all wish for a soft place to land. Falling to ground does not always end with a soft landing, but it is a landing, a ledge from which you will descend no further. Knowing that every fall, every failure, every disillusionment has an end is enough.

Ground is where you make your stand and turn your eyes back to the stars.



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