Monday, February 08, 2016

the effects of romance and dying ...

the effects of romance and dying ...

in the moments of her waking
the world moves
through blended smudges
of subdued pastels
a world of a sometime water colourist
who sketches the memories
of her life so desperately
that she unwittingly lays
washes over washes over washes
until the paper twists arthritic
unable to bear the watery weight
and wrinkles unforgivingly

she daydreams of dancing in a dim room
dreams of the
hemline flow of her dress through the air
imagines that freedom is like that
the liquid swish of self-indulgence
a practiced pirouette that reminds her
of the days
when she was young and carefree
before every thought was like a raindrop
that she catches in her hand
and watches as it slips
through her fingers

i've been watching her with interest
noticing the sway of her perception
that flickers in and out
of her changeable moods
watching her dismiss my presence
when she squints her eyes
towards where i sit in her garden
behind a veil of drifting pollen
near where bees float by the magnolias
that have yet to fail her
and i am afraid to tell her
why i am here



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