Tuesday, February 02, 2016

the rain comes ...

the rain comes ...

The wind changes everything
rolls in through the bedroom window
and hesitates in a sudden swirl
emptying emotions
into an teetering glass vase
that crashes from the dresser
sending the dead petals of ancient flowers
and the edges of stale photographs
across the hardwood floors
and out through the front screen door

         "Things change," you'd say
        with an uncertain look
        your eyes set on the puff of a cloud
        exploding on the horizon
        and before i can answer
        the rain comes
        and you've gone away

It wasn't so long ago
and I guess i should have known
there was a shift in the air
when you began reading T S Eliot
and listening to Leonard Cohen
when you began sitting alone
in the front room
with your arms crossed
and your foot tapping
out of time with the music

        "We've grown apart," you'd say
        in a low whisper
        that booms like thunder in my ears
        and though i reach for you
        through a fog of disbelief
        the rain comes
        and you've gone away



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