Friday, February 19, 2016

Out Of Sight — Out Of Mind

Out Of Sight — Out Of Mind

It has always intrigued me how a friendship can suddenly go kaput.

Even friends, whom you've known for years, can suddenly drop out of your life, and sometimes, there doesn't even seem to be a reason. There's just this sudden realisation that you and so-and-so are no longer in the same circles, no longer even keeping up with one another. It's as if something evaporates, and you have no connection at all.

Worst of all, you think about so-and-so one day, and you know. Even as you wonder if you should call and maybe say something, you know the friendship is over. A little voice inside your head tells you that trying to reconnect might not be such a great idea. So you don't call, don't text, don't drop by, don't do anything.

Funny how we lose our voices on certain occasions like this.

Friendship seems to be such an important part of life. Friends provide us with a certain amount of emotional support, and most importantly, they help us understand who we are. How our friends see us is often a good clue to how we are coping with the ups and downs of life. Friends nourish the good in us and squeegee out the bad. If we had no friends, we'd be simply adrift in our own little world. We would be so totally disconnected that our sense of having a meaningful place in the world would start to crumble.

And yet, there's that mysterious, upstart loss which we sometimes experience. It's a loss so damning that, even if we actually make an effort to rekindle an unexpectedly vacated friendship, the outcome is usually less than satisfactory. More often than not, the effort is pointless. Gone seems to be just that — gone.

So puzzling.



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