Thursday, February 18, 2016

shadow puppets ...

shadow puppets ...

i am writing to you
from the dark rooms
of my helplessness
where i sleep between dreams
in the same beaten bed
pushed up against
the dull window
where i lie in the twisted moonlight
to watch my heartache
bleed black
like a river that
runs off into the night
only to return
in the morning
just before dawn

i have danced naked
in the midnight flames
of desperate fires
felt the heat of your betrayal
wash over me
like an apocalyptic storm
but how was i to know
you would prefer
solitude to my
soft kisses pooling
into blue depths
under the trickling waterfall
of my passion

the stars fall from the sky
on nights like this
and though i catch every one
with my seared and
ragged hands
though i throw each
bright jewel back
into the night sky
i cannot do
what i thought i could
i cannot write
the failing and
final chapter
of a love lost

i hear your voice
in the cracks of dawn's light
the whispers and sighs
that stream across the pale sheets
and i remember how
you made shadow puppets
on the opposite wall
and said to me
that life was like that
just one blink of an eye
and everything that was
so real and full of wonder
is gone
not just for the moment
but for



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