Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Chocolates ...

Valentine's Day Chocolates ...

these lovers that couple
in the darkest chocolate night
caress the swirls and ridges
of anticipation
and with teasing licks and bites
crack the sweet veneer
of hesitation
before lingering in a dramatic pause
designed to heighten the sensation
and somehow capture
the permanence
of such an impermanent moment
until finally
one or the other
oozes into ecstasy
and is lost in
the creamy centre of
love's delicious Cherry Cordial
while the other
still hungrily
reaching for
the Cashew Cluster
or the Brandy Dandy
realises in the
very next instant
that the moment
has passed
and that the box
so full just a heartbeat ago
is now completely empty




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