Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

There's a new entrepreneurial venture taking shape out in the world of "fine" dining.

It seems that folks are beginning to turn their homes into restaurants.

That's right. All around the globe, people are offering you a chance to come into their homes, sit down at the family table, and enjoy a meal.

Here in Canada, there are currently numerous cities that offer you a chance to come over for dinner, and I suspect this little phenomenon is about to spread like wildfire across the world. After all, the way to anyone's wallet is through the stomach.

Now, for some people, this would be the ultimate form of awkward. Entering an unfamiliar home and eating a meal somehow goes against most people's comfort level, if not their better judgement.

Yes, questions abound.

First timers have to wonder who is cooking the meal? How sanitary is the preparation? Is the "chef" a culinary serial killer who plans to make you the next client's main course?

And yet, so far so good. One such "restaurant" in Toronto, Chez Lisgar, is run out of a tiny condo owned by Nadya Khoja and Sarah Lee. Every Friday night, they offer hungry clients a chance to join them for dinner. The cost for Chez Lisgar is $0. However, you do have to bring a bottle of wine, preferably not something called "Apple Jacked" that you can get in a gallon jug.

Other such home restaurants charge a fairly decent fee, somewhere between $17 and $45. Not McDonald's®, but not bad.

As for the question of sanitation, here in Canada, health authorities do provide random inspections of these upstart restaurateurs. You just have to hope that the home in which you're about to eat has been a part of that "random" sampling. Your odds are about as good as they would be in the game of roulette.

Oh well, what's the worst that could happen? Food poisoning? Meningitis?

Hey, life is a gamble anyway. Somewhere there's a proverbial bus waiting to run over each of us anyway. It's just a matter of stepping off the right curb.

Well, one thing is for certain. I could never open my place for people to come and share dinner with me. There just isn't enough room for more than one person to eat KFC over the sink.

Still, if you can cook a decent meal, you might be able to tap into this new undertaking. Check out EatWith, Feastly, or in the Toronto area, Bunz.

Of course, Koffee With Kennedy is way ahead of the game. Here, we have been providing free koffee worldwide for years now.

Huh? Well, yes, you have to bring your own coffee. What's your point?




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