Monday, October 24, 2016

love on the line ...

love on the line ...
i fell in love
somewhere between
911 and *69
your voice creeping into
my handset
reaching out for me
through the fiber optic
trunk lines
that slice across the map
zooming along
by split second split
past Dogtown
and into Kickapoo
winding through
the streets of
and out across the Great Lakes
to Hagersville
then once around
the foundries of
with a slip and a slide
up and up and up
from the underground
and into my heart

and then
like a cold pizza
arriving at the door
long after the football game
has been decided
by a field goal
in the last minute of play
nothing but a
dial tone
nothing but the
empty hum
of some desultory note
leaving me
half expectant
half disconsolate
my hopes and dreams
on hold or
going directly to voicemail
where if i could
i would tell you
how much you mean to me
how every call was
a celebration
if only in the way
you rung up my number
when you made passionate
sounds of pleasure
while i lay listening to you
on the half-made bed




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