Tuesday, October 25, 2016



There's no two ways about it.

We live in a selfie world.

Everywhere you turn on the Internet, you'll find people posting photos of themselves. Some of these are cute, some outrageous, some funny, and some downright provocative.

Some capture a special moment between mom and the kids ...

Some pose questions regarding someone's sanity ...

Some elicit a chuckle ...

Some have people taking nude selfies in the bathroom mirror ...

These days, there seems to be a selfie for every occasion, and all of them speak to a world trying to chronicle one's passage through life. Well, why not? Sure, there's an element of narcissism in this practice, but heck, maybe it's time for a little narcissism.

If anything worries me about the selfie revolution, it has to be the idea that so many people seem to be prone to take selfies in the most dangerous situations. Sure, you've always wanted to go the the Grand Canyon, and yes, it's a great photo-opportunity, but don't be crazy and stand at the very edge of a cliff to capture yourself set against the beautiful vista behind you. Did you know that selfies have been linked to at least 24 deaths in 2015? This year, the number is even higher. Scary ...

Dude! It's a long ways down!

Finally, the selfie has a power over how we see ourselves. Young girls, especially, are bombarded by Internet sites like Instagram, where celebrities often post selfies as a form attracting attention to themselves and keeping themselves "current," all of which amounts to little more than a publicity stunt.

The problem is that young girls tend to mimic their favourite celebrities on such sites.

Selfie after selfie after selfie, until the young girl gets it just right, gets her chin line almost perfect from an overhead angle, ensures her lips are nice and pouty, has her cheekbones in distinctive lighting, and captures some real "POP" to those eyes.

All this self-preoccupation simply returns the angst of self-image and self-esteem, and too often selfies are a response to being brought up to think that what really matters is if other people think you're pretty or precociously sexy.

Which girl may have issues with her self-image?




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