Thursday, March 03, 2016

first kiss ...

first kiss ...

in the fluorescent glare of a late night airport
somewhere by a moving stairway
two lovers stand in an embrace
his arms a trembling denim vine around her shoulders
hers a secure silky lifeline about his waist

she is tight to him
tight to his heart
tighter than he has ever been held before
and when his lips
find her lips
her kiss presses back to his kiss
like a suffusion of soft reassurance
that this night
this airport
so empty and still
is theirs alone
their moment of unexpected rapture

and even if all the earth melted beneath them
like candle wax dripping in apocalyptic patterns over the rim of its orbit
nothing about this embrace would change —
nothing about this kiss
would be less or more
than a sudden knowing
that they have come to this transforming moment
to find each other
to share this embrace
to combine two souls in a kiss
a first kiss
that will stretch out in time
and change time forever



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