Monday, March 14, 2016

starry, starry night ...

starry, starry night ...

the rain comes
late in the night
spills from impossible clouds
over rooftops
then down rusty spouts
to puddle in hidden pools
swirling and curling
crashing and slashing
round and round and round about
finding every leaking wound
in every desperate life
discovering every unforgiven teardrop
and every broken heartbeat
revealing every villain of hopelessness
and every victim of despair
raging stronger and stronger
until at last
this deluge smears
a torrent of colour
over a brushstroke trail
so fierce and unrelenting
it drums
in a timpani of thunder
against the windows
of my awestruck eyes
until these murky panes crack and
smash into a thousand thousand fragments
that drift away
into the black
and empty sky
drift away
to clear the storm
and fill the void of light
with the beauty of such
a starry
starry night



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