Friday, March 18, 2016

if ...

if ...

if i offered you this hand
would you touch your palm to mine
and let our fingers slowly fumble
until they intertwine
would you tighten your grip
when life's blackest fire burns
would you lead me through the dark
to where the light returns

if i offered you my voice
would you use it to shout out
words of endless passion
when my spirit fills with doubt
would you sing the sweetest lullabies
when the moon is high and bright
would you be so carefully silent
through every long and sleepless night

if i offered you these scars
would you soothe the deepest pain
beneath these ancient wounds
and make me whole again
would you help me to forget
should forgive elude my yearning
would you release my anger gently
from its cruel and endless turning

if i offered you my heart
would you know the reason why
it beats like frail uneven wings
craving air from an empty sky
would you find it in the darkness
amidst all the stars above
would you keep it for a thousand years
and nurture it with love




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