Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fixin' A Hole

Fixin' A Hole

Are you a fixer?

It's odd how some people can't help but try to "fix" everything and anything that may have gone wrong in the lives of the people close to them, and rarely, if ever, do these same people acknowledge that they have problems of their own.

Leaky faucet? Here's a washer. Leaky bank account? Here's the reason. Leaky marriage? Here's the solution.

Fixers hate things that don't run smoothly.

Fixers fix things.

Take that Not-Really-A-Dr Phil guy on American television. Now, there's a man who seemingly believes he can fix anything and everything. Every day, he confronts another person with a problem, and he is always quick to offer a solution.

It's probably safe to say that most people do have at least one problem. Most people look for a solution, sometimes successfully, other times not so successfully.

I'm not so sure every problem has a solution, and I definitely do not believe that every person with a whole whack of problems is fixable. Some people simply love their problems far too much to try to change for the better. Other people literally make a habit of creating problems, often to seek attention or acquire some kind of personal gain, problems which may affect the wellbeing of a whole host of other people. In such case, those people don't want to be fixed, but more importantly, they don't deserve to be fixed.

Me? I have my share of problems. Usually, my problems stem from my silly insecurities about this or that. Sometimes, I hate living alone, even though I love my solitude. It's an enigma. When I feel lonely, I think to myself that there's an easy solution to the problem — simply find someone with whom to share my life. Then I wake up the next morning, and praise the Lord that I have the day to myself. This little scenario is known to repeat itself from time to time. What I sometimes forget is that living with someone else would bring a suitcase full of new problems through the door. And, as it is, I really don't have the closet space for that.

Then there are those social situations when I get far too confrontational with stupid people. I know that everyone should have a right to be wrong and downright dumbass about things, but I can't let dumbass opinions slide. Ignorance always seems like the greatest immorality. So, I can't help but challenge outright idiocy, even though I know from experience that dumbass people will always be dumbass people. Still, I suppose it's not very polite to ask someone, "Do you have shit for brains?"

I am not a fixer. I do try to fix my own problems, but I shy away from offering advice to people who come to me with a problem. I confess that I have jumped into some gnarly situations in the past and offered advice. Doing so has always backfired on me. Instead of solving anything, I end up a part of the turmoil. Offering advice is like hitchhiking on the road to heartache. You end up where you damn well never wanted to be.



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