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Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days Are Better Than Others

It's fairly safe to say that not every day is as good as the next.

I have often wondered what makes a day a "good" day or a "bad" day.

I suppose that, if you won the lottery, you would consider that a good day.

If you crashed your car into a telephone pole, you would probably consider that a bad day.

I guess "good" or "bad" days are often nothing more than a matter of chance. Sometimes, we simply can't anticipate what life is going to throw our way.

Other times, we might actually create the way our day unfolds. If, for example, you get into a fight with someone close to you and leave the matter unresolved before you go to bed, then you will likely wake up feeling a little "off," a little upset, maybe even downright depressed. Your day begins with you waxing the blues. By the same token, if you have a celebratory evening with friends or family, and go to bed feeling upbeat and happy, then the morning will likely see those positive vibes still present. The day ahead will begin, at least, with a good feeling.

Still, there are good and bad days that defy explanation. If we wake up feeling good, well, there's no great need to wonder why. We accept feeling good, because, heck, that's how we generally want to feel. No, our concern arises when we wake up feeling bad, horrible, downtrodden, or even just a little out of sorts, and we have no clear understanding of why we feel that way. It's a mystery!

Well, who knows what goes on between the hours of falling asleep and waking. Our little nighttime adventures while we sleep could be pretty much anything, positive or negative. We really don't have much control over that part of our lives. So, if we are having that recurring nightmare of dire events, then we might expect to wake up feeling a little gloomy. Most people can shake that feeling off fairly quickly, but not all people can rally their spirits quite so easily. For some folks, the day ahead seems a formidable undertaking, something like a journey into Hell.

Crawling back into bed for the rest of the day doesn't seem like a reasonable solution to this problem. Instead, I think it's important to "step left, and look again." In other words, on those most miserably bad days, it's important to adjust our attitude, simply by moving the camera lens of our perceptions a little to one side, and seeing our lives from that fresh, new angle.

Positive thoughts begin with the realisation of how lucky we are. And we are lucky, no matter how crazy or absurd our lives seem at any given moment. The choice is always ours. We can carry around a garbage bag of crap on our backs, or we can throw that garbage out, and go at life with an fresh and hopeful attitude towards filling our lives with new and meaningful experiences.

It's a silly and as simple as turning that frown upside down.


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