Wednesday, March 16, 2016

four seasons ...

four seasons ...

she wanders through the forest
in her wedding dress
of snowy frost
and enters by a side door
where she knows
he will be waiting
and as she crosses the threshold
she wrings the cold
from her hair
leaving snowdrop petals
of ice on the carpet
and she stands there
in front of his clenched fists
that slowly open like dogwood
and his long fingers begin
to peel away the layers
of her frozen life
until at last
she stands naked before him
waiting with a slight shiver
as his eyes map
the topography of her body
the hills and the valleys
the crags and the crevices
of her warming flesh
until at last he seems
content if not surprised
and he covers her
with a blanket of soft foliage
and greenery from the meadow
bathing her at last
in the warmth of his embrace
even as the crows scatter
past the barren stalks of corn
and colourful leaves
fill the sky



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