Saturday, August 22, 2015

da'Shade — Famale

Hey, what's up?

This is da'Shade ... sitting in for Kennedy James.

So I was listening to the radio the other day, and this cat says he wants all birth certificates ruled null and void. His reasoning? Well, a birth certificate states yer gender, and this guy figures that's discriminatory.

Some people, he claims, have "Male" on their birth certificates, but they're not male, they're transgendered.

Now, I'm not going to say this is the usual bullshit propaganda we get from the folks who somehow have a problem with being born a certain way. Some guys born male don't wanna be guys at all. They wanna be something else. Who the fuck knows what they wanna be? Who the fuck cares?

Transgendered? Nothing wrong with that. No one really gives a shit anymore if you failed at being a man and chose what you saw as the alternative, but here's a tip for y'all.

The alternative to being a man is NOT pretending to be a woman. Shit, women don't want you sticking your failure in their face. Women are proud to be women, and you ain't one of them.

Embrace the obvious. No matter what you do, you ain't gonna become a woman.

Oh sure, you can dress up like a woman, change your name to Ethel, get boob implants, even have your "junk" removed, but guess what? You're never a woman. You can try to mimic the psychology of a woman, but yer just fooling yourself and whoever supports you. You're never a woman. You never underwent years of menstruation, never had a baby, never sat at the kitchen table shaking like a leaf 'cause yer shithead husband who's passed out in the livingroom is about to wake up and kick the living shit out of you, just because he's bigger and stronger than you. You're never a woman. Never. Never a woman. Never a "she" or a "her."

You're just a failed male, not ever a female, not even a "shemale" because that term degrades and disrespects real women as well. You're just a, I don't know, let's just call ya a failmale or famale for short — close to female but usually with a cigar.

No, you're just a transgendered dude. We'll accept you for that, but you have to stop disgracing the rest of womankind by pretending to be what you're not, and expecting the rest of the world to accept you as a woman. Life ain't a continuous Hallowe'en, but if you really must see it that way, find a different costume — a cocker spaniel, a Siamese cat, a Mexican burro, an alien from outer space, a superhero, whatever — just leave the bra and panties to those who earned them by their birthright. You're just not like a woman, buddy. Get over it.

Hit that mic and get hip to the distance between a man and a woman ...



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