Friday, August 14, 2015

da'Shade — Immigration Subjugation

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Was reading the other day how Hungary is building this motherfucker of a fence along the Serbian border to keep out all the refugees and what not who have been pouring across the border and into Hungary.

Sorta reminded me of the Mexico-United States Barrier wall, the Bulgaria-Turkey wall, the Costa Rica-Nicaragua wall, the Saudi Arabia-Yemen wall, the Ukraine-Russia wall, the barriers all around Israel ... hell, there's over 30 of these damn walls designed to keep people out all over the world. Even the Great Wall of China was once an anti-immigration barrier.

Makes you wonder.

I mean, what ever happened to that old belief that everybody's welcome and that the more cultural groups a country embodies, the richer the home culture becomes?

Thing is that these newly formed subcultures, fostered by waves of immigrants, do not always enrich the home culture. It's possible that some of these new subcultures actually devalue the lifestyle, the economy, and the national pride of the country being invaded.

Did I say invaded? Damn rights. Unbridled immigration is the silent war that nobody wants to talk about. Smaller countries can quickly find themselves "taken over" by the unbridled growth of a subculture of immigrants without even a single shot being fired.

Now, some folks gonna say restricting immigration is like some kind of racism, but I don't think so. You can't call Hungarians racists just because they're trying to protect their way of life from becoming someone else's way of life.

National pride is not racism. No country wants to fall to immigration subjugation.

Problem is that before you know it, before someone says WTF, it's too late.

Hey, in some countries, it's already too late.

Hit that mic and see how Finland, of all places, feels about the problem ...



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